eWorx - Creative Ajax Showcase Wordpress Theme

eWorx – Creative Ajax Showcase WordPress Theme

eWorx is an intriguing looking theme. It’s fully ajaxed using ‘hashbang’ urls and lots of animation effects.

Ignoring the animations and the fact that it’s ajaxed to the hilt (things I think are rather superfluous) – eWorx actually has a really nice clean design. The fonts are a little on the small side, a flashback to early 2000′s web design, but if that were tweaked then it would be a really nice clean modern design.

Because of all the ajax and animations the site includes an awful lot of javascript making the template quite weighty.

The code suffers from a severe case of divitis – which is likely due to the ajax nature of the site – this could make customisations a pain, but if you’re going to use eWorx as is this shouldn’t be a concern.

If you’re not worried about the technicalities then I think eWorx is a nice looking theme that would suit business websites really nicely. For a personal blog, or for a developer who wants to customise things you’d do better to look elsewhere.

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