How Do You Make a WordPress Website That Everyone Can See

How Do You Make a WordPress Website That Everyone Can See

Getting a WordPress website online is a powerful thing. It allows you to express yourself, to advertise your business, to sell products and to post pictures of cats. Getting the website online though – can be a challenge for many.

There are 2 ways of doing it:

Host WordPress Yourself (

Hosting WordPress on your own web server is the most flexible option – but it also comes with it’s own challenges. You will need to find a web host (somewhere to put your website files), and then install and maintain your installation. This can be quite a lot of work – but if you are knowledgable about technology then it’s probably the way to go.

Once you have purchased a web host you can find out how to install WordPress on the WordPress Codex – and if you’re looking for a theme then you can get some premium themes from Pro Theme Design.

Host WordPress In The Cloud ( is a hosted WordPress platform. It’s a website that allows you to signup for an account and then create as many websites as you like that you can use for anything you like. Since it’s a hosted application there are some limitations – but many of these can be overcome by paying for upgrades.

Paying for these optional upgrades can be done at any time – the basic service is free – and so you can test the site as much as you like before diving in deeper.