How often should I change my WordPress theme?

How often should I change my WordPress theme?

Honestly this is a tough question and the answer varies depending upon your perspective and the usage of your website.

Essentially – what do you want to use the site for?

If you want to use the site as a fun place to post pictures and generally mess around then change the theme as often as you like. Treat the site like your playground. If you find something you like or want to try something new then just change it. The beauty of WordPress is that you can do these things and not have to worry too much.

However – if your WordPress site is for a business then you should pick a theme and stick to it. And how you pick the theme is just as important as the theme you pick (more on this another time). The reason it’s important to stick with one theme is that this helps to build brand consistency. You need to pick a theme that matches the brand of your business – one that fits with your logo and your attitude.

For example a brand that sells skateboards would want a funky theme with graffiti and colour to match the urban styles of it’s customers – whereas a corporate website would need to be much simpler and more straight forward.

However more than just choosing a theme that looks like your business you should try not to change the theme to a different one that looks like your business. This is so that people grow to recognise your website and your brand. Add your logo and keep the brand consistant and people will learn to recognise you – and when they recognise you – fun things start to happen!