How would you define an 'Elegant WordPress Theme'?

How would you define an ‘Elegant WordPress Theme’?

Interesting question. To be honest a lot of what makes themes elegant, or considered attractive, is personal opinion – but there’s a few things that you can look out for that would help to define a theme as elegant.


Simplicity is a hard art to master. I like to define it as removing the non-essential. For themes this means focusing on the elements that are needed the most. Removing unnecessary textures and shadows and letting the content speak for itself.

White Space

Making sure the content has room to breath is hugely important. This places the emphasis firmly on the content and stops your design from distracting.


Elegant things generally have a lightness about them. Keep away from heavy fonts and weighty colours. Use only a few colours – and a couple of finely crafted fonts to (again) make your content pop.