IceMag Multi Purpose Responsive Theme

IceMag Multi Purpose Responsive Theme

IceMag is described as a clean responsive WordPress theme. It includes a large javascript carousel, custom fonts, shortcodes for popular theme styles and full support for localisation.

Personally I think it looks a bit too generic, using a number of images from (in itself not a bad thing but a bit lazy for a premium theme).

The IceMag theme demo uses a number of WordPress plugins which relies on you installing and maintaining the plugins – so if you don’t have the relevant plugins then things may not work as expected. It also means there’s more elements that could break. On the flip side – it includes things like shortcodes in the theme, which I generally consider to be a bad thing (since changing the theme will break your website content).

Looking at the html it includes a lot of custom javascript which may slow things down and increase the amount of bandwidth required to run your website.

The fonts used in the demo feel quite heavy making the website feel cluttered – and the amount of white space offered adds to this, particularly in the footer. As such the IceMag WordPress theme has an unfinished feel to it. With a bit of polish it could look quite nice, but all in all I would suggest there’s many more themes available that are worth your hard earned pennies.