TwentyThirteen Theme Revealed

TwentyThirteen Theme Revealed

So – the latest ‘default’ WordPress theme has been revealed.

TwentyThirteen is the 4th theme in a series that will likely continue indefinitely (at least until the name becomes too long to type ). The previous themes were very clean and minimal oriented more towards cms and blog style sites – whereas TwentyThirteen has been designed with a more fun casual tumblog styling.

The theme has been created to make the most of the upcoming custom post format updates being introduced to WordPress in 3.6. This functionality will likely see a big increase in the number of themes supporting tumblog style features.

The design itself is actually still quite clean – and fits the design aesthetic of it’s lead design Joen. An Automattic employee – Joen has been working in the design scene for quite a while. I have followed him for some time and so for me I was able to spot the connection reasonably quickly having become familiar with how he works.

No doubt things will be tweaked in the coming months leading up to the release of WP3.6 and I am looking forward to seeing the finished theme. I am also looking forward to taking it apart and seeing how they did some of the coding elements so that I can make use of them in my own themes

You can check out a preview of the TwentyThirteen theme.